Dual Diploma
MSc International Business & Management
Course length: 3 semesters (90 ECTS)
Start: November 2017
Tuition fee 3800 pounds (GBP) for all 3 semesters
Deadline for application: 15 September 2017

Promotional video
“I am very impressed with the IBM international programme. It is more thoughtful and intriguing than I expected. ……. The lectures are great and they ensure classes are organized in efficient and constructive way. “

Milorad Stamenović
IBM student, 26th of June 2012

“The MSc IB&M has helped me to develop knowledge, skills and better understanding of theories of international business. With proper support and professionalism of excellent team of Professors, Assistant Professors and Link Tutors, this intensive program was very interesting, challenging and successful in completing all the tasks in all modules. Moreover, books are very good and all are up to date, which provide opportunity to read and learn the theory with current trends and issues worldwide. Case studies were part of the curriculum in all modules. Also, it was a great pleasure to study and work together with my colleagues in this generation of IB&M program.“

Vesna Tornjanski
Assistant Manager at Eurobank EFG Bank

Exams in June 2015


Exam Date Day Time Classroom
IDBE June, 27 Sat 9:00 B002
IHRM June, 29 Mon 18:00 B002
SMGM July, 1 Wed 18:00 B002
QMTM July, 3 Fri 18:00 B002
IBLES July, 3 Fri 18:00 B002
IMMPR July, 4 Sat 9:00 B002
IBM July, 6 Mon 18:00 B002
GTOM July, 8 Wed 18:00 B002
ICF July, 10 Fri 18:00 B002




Visiting lecture

Professor Sukhbinder Barn from Middlesex University London will deliver lecture at Faculty of Organizational Sciences within the dual award IB&M master programme. The topic is Creative Communication Strategies and will be taught on Saturday, May 23, at 12:40, classroom B002. All interested students and staff are invited to attend the lectures.

Find professor’s curriculum vitae here.


Exams in March 2015

Exam Date Day Time Classroom
IMMPR March, 2 Mon 18:00 B009
GTOM March, 3 Tue 18:00 102
IHRM March, 4 Wed 18:00 A106
IBLES March, 5 Thu 18:00 103
QMTM March, 5 Thu 18:00 101
SMGM March, 6 Fri 18:00 101
IDBE March, 6 Fri 18:00 102
ICF March, 9 Mon 18:00 A106
IBM March, 10 Tue 18:00 102

Exams in January 2015

Exam Date Day Time Classroom
IDBE 16 January Fri 18:00 102
IMMPR 19 January Mon 18:00 102
IBLES 20 January Tue 18:00 102
SMGM 21 January Wed 18:00 102
QMTM 22 January Thu 18:00 102
IHRM 23 January Fri 18:00 102
IBM 26 January Mon 18:00 102
GTOM 28 January Wed 18:00 102
ICF 30 January Fri 18:00 102



Visiting lecture

Prof. dr Vassilis S. Moustakis from Technical University of Crete will deliver a lecture “Supply contracts in Supply Chain Management” for students of IB&M master programme on Thursday, November 20, at 18.00, classroom 104.
All interested students and staff are invited to attend the lectures.
Find professor’s curriculum vitae here.


Lectures in academic 2014/15 will start on Friday, 7 November at 6 p.m. at classroom B002.

Info session

Info session for International Business and Management study programme will be held on Monday, 20th October starting from 19:30 in the room 201. All interested parties are invited to attend the Info session as they will have the opportunity to talk to prof. Marina Papanastasiou, link tutor  from Middlesex University and professors from FOS who are participating in this study programme.


2nd call for enrollment for academic 2014/2015

University of Belgrade Faculty of Organizational Sciences in cooperation with Middlesex University Business School announces the opening of the 2nd call for application for Master study programme MSc in International Business and Management for academic year 2014/2015.

Study programme is harmonised with European standards and accredited in both UK and Serbia.  Upon the completion of this MSc programme graduates receive two diplomas – of the University of Belgrade and of Middlesex University, as well as the opportunity to continue their studies in either UK or Serbia.

Programme lasts for three semesters and weighs 90 ECTS. Lectures and lab practices are always held in afternoon hours and during weekends and are adjusted to employed students. All lectures are held in English by professors and associates of the Faculty of Organizational Sciences, guest lecturers from the practice and visiting professors from Middlesex University.  Programme is intended for all who wish to improve their theoretical and practical knowledge in international business and to advance in their careers.

Content and list of modules can be found at Content & Modules page.

Application process is email-based and more info about entry requirements, fees and application process can be found at Entry & Applying page

Deadline for application is 30 October 2014


Exam term October 2014

Exam Date Time Classroom
GTOM 13 Oct Mon 18:00 B002
IHRM 15 Oct Wed 18:00 B003
SMGM 17 Oct Fri 18:00 B002
QMTM 18 Oct Sat 09:00 B002
IDBE 20 Oct Mon 18:00 B002
IBLES 20 Oct Mon 18:00 B003
IBM 22 Oct Wed 18:00 B003
IMMPR 23 Oct Thu 18:00 IBM
ICF 25 Oct Sat 09:00 B002

Exam term September 2014

Exam Date Time Classroom
GTOM 15 Sept Mon 18:00 B002
IHRM 17 Sept Wed 18:00 B002
IDBE 17 Sept Wed 18:00 B003
SMGM 19 Sept Fri 18:00 B002
IBLES 20 Sept Sat 09:00 B002
QMTM 20 Sept Sat 09:00 B003
ICF 22 Sept Mon 18:00 B002
IBM 24 Sept Wed 18:00 B002
IMMPR 25 Sept Thu 18:00 B002